The 1959 Triumph TR3 Project

In just three short years, this:

Has become this:

Which has become this:

The clean and prettty motor in it's clean and pretty engine bay.

From the other side...

The dash and wheel are in.  The O.D. electricals work!

Kinda hard to get it all in the picture, since I can't roll it out of the garage yet.

A matched set of pretty red jack stands!

It goes, "VROOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" when you turn it on!

Which is now this (9/30/08)

Gonna drive it soon!

October 11, 2008 - Note: Car NOT parked in my garage!

Not done yet, but it drives swell !!!


March 21, 2009: The First Ride Of Spring

July 8, 2009:  Look what some moron done to my car!!!
(Fortunately, I am unhurt.)

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