Fixing Stuff In The Twin Cities, Since 1992 

2103 Wabash Ave. St. Paul, MN 55114

Telephone number: 651-646-8484

If it needs work, we can do it.
Complete fretted instrument repair.

Authorized service and parts for the Fender Musical Instruments Corp. family of brands
Including: Fender, Gretsch, Guild, Charvel, Jackson, Tacoma, Orpheum, Olympia & DeArmond.

Wheeling and dealing in: D'addario Strings, Graphtech Guitar Parts,
Seymour Duncan Pickups, Allparts Guitar Parts & more.

Worth mentioning is that Joel Peyton has worked with me since 2000. 
He is a talented and able craftsman.  Some of his work is on display here.
It's worth a look.

See a recent (Aug, 2010) Fender Jazzmaster® Restoration

Tuesday through Friday:  10:ish AM - 5:ish PM
Saturday:  11:ish AM - 4:ish PM
U.S.A. Central Time