Unsolicited emails.  How cool is that?

Hey Moses; I wanted to thank you for puttin' me up last nite, I really had a great time, met some interesting new people and heard some really world class blues (especially that first set when you and your boys did your thing without any jammers) You handle a large number of players really well, make it look easy in fact, (having done it I know it's anything BUT easy)
                                                                          Thanks Again ------------  T.W.

Hi Moses,
I just thought I'd drop you a line to say "Hi" from Marinette, WI. My wife and I saw you and your band play this past summer at Famous Dave's on an Open Blues Jam night. I have to tell you that we really enjoyed ourselves that night. Your band was awesome and it totally blew us away how you could just hook up with people you never met and make such cool music together. For the musically challenged (like us), its very cool stuff.

Hi my name is S. G. and i live in Iceland. I come to Minneapolis every year since 1999, first in November ven the Snowmobile show is in the Convention center. On sunday evenings i always go to your show at the Famous Daves. I realy love your blues playing. I will be in Minneapolis for every year in the future for the Snowmobile show and of course your show. Looking forward to hear from you.
I have included a picture of you and me taken nowember 2002.

Moses: it was a great pleasure to catch you guys on Wednesday nite: very refreshing to hear a band with great chops all the way across the stage. Wonderful dynamics at listenable decibel levels!  If you play here again,I'll bring more people.. J. L.

Hello my name is L. D. and I was recently in the twin cities and caught your act sunday at Famous Dave's BBQ and could not have been any happier that we did.  It was really amazing.  See I'm from western PA and the blues have been sadly a dead art form around here for many years so I don't get much of a chance to listen to true blues.  Anyway, just wanted to say that your whole band are some of the smoothest players I ever had the honor to watch and listen too, keep it up.

Listen.. I dont want to sound like another one of those "super fans" after seeing you play on tv, but to be honest I am inspired. I tried looking up your old site listed when I saw you on bloomington public access last night- the second time I have seen you to be honest. I wont lie, the first time I saw you and (~Paul I think his name is) playing I was inspired, but passed on... (public access has that affect on folks...) I checked out the link that was supposedly good a year ago but its not there any more. if you are still around, I have about 4 or 5 of good friends that would love to show up to some of your live performances and cheer you on. if not, hey, what cannot be helped... wish you the best of luck. 
take care Mister Moses,   -- P.K.

I dragged my wife and kid down to have some ribs last Sunday. I heard there  was a blues jam session going on so it sounded fun to me. We were all surprised. We all  thought it was unbelieveable. thanks... 
Thanks again for the great entertainment.
The food was also great.   -- T.

The Best sound I have heard in a long time.
Sweet...     -- C.

Hello Moses 
I enjoyed your playing.  Real smooth like glass; I dig that.  I hope all is well and that this email finds you happy and in good spirts and health.
Peace, Love, and Happiness,   -- M.

Hey Moses - just wanted to drop a line to say that your set last night
at Brewbaker's was KILLIN' good. I really got to say that your walking
"Thrill is gone" solo ( not to mention your whole arrangement) was just
JAW DROPPING GOOD. I couldn't believe I just walked scot-free into a bar
in No. St. Paul and was seeing and hearing what I was seeing and
hearing. It went right in and all the way through, man, and that just
surely doesn't happen very often. Thank you for putting something
transcendant out there. Man, after I hear you play something like that,
I don't know if I want to pick my guitar up, or give it away, but I know
I want to do something. Yup. Wow!   -- S.S.

Hi Moses,
Just testing your new e-mail, and I wanted to thank you for last night - OUTSTANDING!!
I heard so many comments about "the best band they've had here so far", "these guys are awesome musicians", etc. Nothing but good, and I agree completely, we had a terrific time with you guys.
THANKS!    -- L.

It never ceases to amaze me.  The older I get, the more music I want and I
want yours! Got any discs for sale?    -- B.

Ed. Note:  The answer to that is YES!  Please click here to purchase the new (June, 2010) DVD Video Disc

After hearing your group for the first time in Rochester, MN, (this summer) I have been trying to locate your website.  Now found, I enjoyed the music at my office.  I have to say your group in Rochester was absolutely awesome!  You deserved to be playing for 5000 grooving fans rather than 750 dead beats.  Our group is excited to come see one of your events in the Twin Cities area.  One of us is an organ player who did not get to see your man who totally freaked us out.  There is not one weak link in your quartet who seem to all feel the same vibe.  We want to catch your current group before one of you gets a big head and leaves.  Looks like Famous Dave's is the spot.  We'll talk to a few joints to get you back in Rochester.
Thank you for the entertainment!   -- H.R.

Ed. Note:  Here's an interesting one...  No one is universally loved.  It is certainly a goal to which to aspire, but no one ever gets there...

give yourself a boot
forget the hard liquor on stage
start learning your trade
you seem far overdue
having you in charge is a bad dream     -- J.B.

Hi Moses - I just want to tell you how much I enjoy listening to you and your band.  Usually at a jam, the hi-lite for me is when I play, but at yours it's being able to listen/watch your quartet.  You've a musician's musician band - I get sensory overload.  Each of the individual talents is tremendous and I don't know who to focus on...  I can watch Donald all night, or you, or Charles, or Jason... and the combination when you're all playing is incredible.
Sorry for gushing like a school girl, but THANK-YOU for being in the twin cities and bringing that level of musicianship to local clubs.  The first and last instrumentals of the night... well, I've just never enjoyed seeing a band more.  The tight grooves and solos - awesome!   -- R.W.

My brother & I were in town for the Manhattan Transfer concert and went to Famous Dave's after for dinner, not expecting to come across such an AWESOME freaking blues band!! Wow!!! You guys are fantastic!  Thanks for a great show!   -- M.M.

kick-ass job at dave's on sunday. my partner, A, and i really enjoyed the first set as the 4 of you tapped into mother music bigtime. thanks for a fabulous musical set!  -- m.m.
Ed. Note:  I saved the best for last...  The actual subject of one of the songs I sing really wrote me  !!

It's a slow 4th of July evening and I'm passing time by surfing the net.  I had the good fortune to come onto the Moses Oakland Quartet doing a rendition of my favorite tune, Captain Bobby Stout.   It's my favorite, of course, because I am Bobby Stout, retired Captain of the Wichita, Kansas Police Department.  Funny thing, I never busted any of the guys who were playing in a local band called the Serfs, back in the 70s.  Maybe they gave me more credit than I deserved.  But then, Captain Bobby Stout does rhyme good.  First time I ever heard the tune was early 70s and it was done by a group called The Jerry Hahn Brotherhood.  I believe they were out of Sausalito,CA, at the time.  Hahn, later became a music teacher at Wichita State University.  The big gun was Mike Finnegan.  He still plays Wichita from time to time. 
Good job on the tune.  Thanks for keeping an old man's name current.  Good luck....

Bobby Stout, Executive Director
Wichita Crime Commission
Wichita, KS